Filmgrain Lightroom Preset

You can use this preset to give your images a cinematic green sage tone. Any type of photo can be edited using this kind of preset. Make sure to adjust the exposure and contrast as necessary. This preset can be used for any kind of shot; just adjust the exposure as necessary. Additionally, it brightens your skin tone; to make your skin glow, simply adjust the yellow and orange saturation if your skin tone is naturally light in your photographs. ❤️

To make sure that they work with any image, we test our presets on a range of images. However, bear in mind that every photograph is captured using a different setup, including different lighting and camera settings, so it’s usual to make some adjustments after using a preset to get the desired effect.

Before and after photographs, as well as setting tweaks, are shown in the video instruction below. You can also watch it if you wish to use Lightroom Photoshop Adobe to make manual changes to your photo.

Recommended adjustments:

  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Grain
  • Blacks
  • Orange Saturation

You’ll need the Lightroom Mobile app for iOS or Android to use this preset. You do not need an Adobe subscription to use all of my presets.

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